Opening Ceremony

Hacivat-Karagöz Shadow Puppet Show
Osman Ezgi – Bursa Karagöz Museum, Turkey

09:45-10:45 Opening Speeches

Cultural Heritage Protection and Local Governments
Prof. Zeynep Ahunbay (PhD) – Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Public Libraries and the City: Exciting Spaces and New Dilemmas
Corrado Di Tillio – IFLA Metropolitan Libraries Section / Public Libraries of the City of Rome, Italy

Tea-Coffee Break

Session I: Culture, Cultural Heritage, City Memory and Local Governments – I
Chair: Prof. Tûba Karatepe (PhD)

City Memory Management and Tradition Culture Relationship
Prof. Nebi Özdemir (PhD) – Hacettepe University, Turkey

Contributions of the Technologies in Cultural Heritage Management into the Transition to Information Society
Assoc. Prof. Kerem Koramaz (PhD) – Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

The Predicament of Structural Inertia of Intellectual Heritage in Local Governments and Behaviors of Mimetic Isomorphism: A Theoretical Breakthrough
Prof. Mustafa Sağsan (PhD) – Near East University, Cyprus

Cultural Policies in terms of Intellectual Rights
Pınar Sönmez – Writer and Art Lawyer, Turkey


Session II: Innovative and Creative Library Services
Chair: Prof. Aykut Arıkan (PhD)

The Role of the Metropolitan – Municipal Library in Development of the Society and Innovation
Jasmina Ninkov – IFLA Metropolitan Libraries Section / Belgrade City Library, Serbia

Creative Information Services in Municipality Libraries of Turkey within the Process of Transformation to Information Society
Ahmet Altay (PhD) – Kırklareli University, Turkey

The Introduction of Montessori Pedagogy Method in Libraries
Elīna Sniedze – University of Latvia, Latvia

Effective School Libraries: Essentials
Ayşe Yüksel Durukan – International Association of School Librarianship Regional Board – North Africa / Middle East, Turkey

Tea-Coffee Break

Session III: Lifelong Learning and Information Literacy
Chair: Prof. Mustafa Sağsan (PhD)

Learning in 21st Century, Information Literacy and Libraries
Prof. Coşkun Polat (PhD) – Çankırı Karatekin University, Turkey

The Two Vital Actors in Acquiring Lifelong Learning: Libraries and Librarians
Assoc. Prof. Asiye Kakırman Yıldız (PhD) – Marmara University, Turkey

Information Literacy and Reminiscence Therapy for Elderly People in the Libraries: Reflections Based on the Polish Experience
Prof. Bronislawa Woźniczka-Paruzel (PhD) – Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Game-Based Learning Approach to Information Literacy Applications: The Case of İstanbul Bilgi Unıversity Library
Sami Çukadar – Bilgi University, Turkey

The Archetype of the Municipal Library: Ideology and Architecture
Konstantinos Sp. Staikos – Architect and Book Historian, Greece

Gala Dinner



Session IV: Manuscript Librarianship
Chair: Prof. Coşkun Polat (PhD)

Competencies and New Approaches in Management of Manuscripts and Rare Books
Prof. Hüseyin Odabaş (PhD) – Çankırı Karatekin University, Turkey

The Importance of Manuscripts in terms of Cultural Interaction and Contributions to the Society
Assoc. Prof. Dündar Alikılıç (PhD) – Atatürk University, Turkey

Turkish Heritage in the National Library of France: History and Perspectives
Sara Yontan – French National Library, France

The Manna in the Ark – Preserving a People’s and a Country’s Cultural Heritage
Ahava Cohen – National Library of Israel, Israel

Sarajevo Gazi Husraw Bey Library: The Treasury of the Balkans
Hamza Lavić – Sarajevo Gazi Husraw Bey Library, Bosnia Herzegovina

Tea-Coffee Break

Session V: Marketing and Public Relations in Information Services
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Asiye Kakırman Yıldız (PhD)

From “Provider of Information” to “Generator of Social Capital” – The Perception of Public Libraries in the 21st Century
Assist. Prof. Máté Tóth (PhD) – University of Pécs / National Széchényi Library, Hungary

Information Services, Publicity and Social Media in Fourth Generation Libraries
Prof. B. Aykut Arıkan (PhD) – İstanbul Gelişim University, Turkey

Public Relations in Libraries and Information Services
Assoc. Prof. Erol Yılmaz (PhD) – The Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Turkey

Create Awareness about Cultural Heritage Protection and Informing the Public
Assist. Prof. Esra İlkay İşler (PhD) – Gazi University, Turkey

Workshop: Creative Reading (The workshop language will be Turkish – Limited – 20 persons)
Çiğdem Odabaşı – Instructor of Creative Reading & Drama, Librarian, Writer, Turkey


Session VI: Information Organization and Access in Digital Era
Chair: Prof. Bronislawa Woźniczka-Paruzel (PhD)

RDA: The Standard for Metadating the Bibliographic Universe in the Digital Era
Prof. Mauro Guerrini (PhD) – University of Florence, Italy

In-between: Information Behaviour versus Information Organization
Prof. Agnese Galeffi (PhD) – Vatican School of Library Science, Vatican, Italy

Research Data Management: Differences across Disciplines and Library Practices
Prof. Milena Dobreva-McPherson (PhD), UCL (University College London) Qatar, Qatar

Management of Cultural Heritage Products Based on Semantic Web Applications
Semanur Öztemiz (PhD) – Hacettepe University, Turkey

Librarian Integrator: Digital Workplace of a Librarian from the Information and Bibliographic Department of Nicolaus Copernicus University Library in Toruń
Dominik Mirosław Piotrowski (PhD) – Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Tea-Coffee Break

Session VII: Reading Culture and Libraries
Chair: Prof. Agnese Galeffi (PhD)

Children’s Literature in the Process of Achieving Reading Culture
Prof. Sedat Sever (PhD) – Ankara University, Turkey

Creative’s Reading Adventure and Applications
Çiğdem Odabaşı – Instructor of Creative Reading & Drama, Librarian, Writer, Turkey

Supporting a Sustainable Local Culture: Library Programs and Immigrant and Refugee Integration
Jamie Johnston – Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway

Libraries in the Center of Life: A Sample of Bağcılar Municipality Şehit Savcı Mehmet Selim Kiraz Public Library
Zeynep Gedikoğlu – Bağcılar Municipality, Turkey

A Field Experience in the Process of Increasing Citizens’ Cultural Heritage, Local Sense of Belonging, Library, Collection and Archive Awareness and Literacy: Book Auctions and Conversations on Books
Ziyaver Şencan – Rare Book Expert, Moderator of Book Auctions, Blogger, Turkey



Session VIII: Culture, Cultural Heritage, City Memory and Local Goverments – II
Chair: Prof. Nebi Özdemir (PhD)

3 Figures of Transferring Cultural Heritage: Space, Personality, Book
Assoc. Prof. Aynur Atmaca Can (PhD) – Marmara University, Turkey

The Role of Local Governments in the Institutionalization of Private Archives
Prof. R. Tûba Karatepe (PhD) – Marmara University, Turkey

Special Libraries in Ottoman Society in 17th Century: Book Owners and Their Books
Prof. Ali İhsan Karataş (PhD) – Uludağ University, Turkey

From a Second-Hand Bookseller’s Box
Emin Nedret İşli – Sahaf-Turkuaz, Turkey

Library Disaster Countermeasures in Scope of the Preventive Conservation
Assoc. Prof. Alpaslan Hamdi Kuzucuoğlu (PhD) – İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University, Turkey

Tea-Coffee Break

Session IX: Information Retrieval System, Digitalization and Digital Applications
Chair: Prof. Mauro Guerrini (PhD)

Digital Humanities Movement and Libraries
Assoc. Prof. Nevzat Özel (PhD)– Ankara University, Turkey

Information Retrieval Systems, Digitization and Digital Applications of Libraries and Cultural Institutions: Re-envisioning the Current Landscape and Associated Issues
Assoc. Prof. Muhammad Rafiq (PhD) – University of the Punjab, Pakistan

Mobile Digital Libraries Penetrate the Bulgarian Information Space
Assist. Prof. Elisaveta Tsvetkova (PhD) – University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, Bulgaria

Digitization Projects of Atatürk Library
Selçuk Aydın – Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey

Original Project Samples in the Field of Information and Records Management
Adnan Gözeller – Istanbul Development Agency, Turkey


Session X: Importance of Libraries in City Planning, Design of Library Buildings – Modern/Ecological Architecture
Chair: Prof. Milena Dobreva-McPherson (PhD)

Different Approaches to the Design of Library Buildings
Prof. Neslihan Türkün Dostoğlu (PhD) – İstanbul Kültür University, Turkey

Library Building and Environmental Relation
Assist. Prof. Berrin Balkaş Yılmaz (PhD) – Ataşehir Adıgüzel Vocational School, İstanbul, Turkey

Modern Architecture of GLAM Institutions: A Contribution to Psychology of Place
Assist. Prof. Tomasz Kruszewski (PhD) – Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

An Evaluation of Spatial Distribution pf Public Libraries for Istanbul
Assoc. Prof. Hatice Ayataç (PhD) – Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Sustainable Libraries – Fashion or Necessity?
Assist. Prof. Małgorzata Fedorowicz-Kruszewska (PhD) – Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Tea-Coffee Break

Session XI: City Memory and Collection Development
Chair: Prof. Ali İhsan Karataş (PhD)

İBB Ataturk Library’s Rare Books and Special Archives Purchasing Processes as Cultural Assets, Their Submission to the Readers, Preservation and Transfer to the Future
Ramazan Minder – Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey

The Role of Local Authorities in Description of Local Cultural Objects and Attempts to Implement Digital Collection Management Systems
Tolga Çakmak (PhD) – Hacettepe University, Turkey

Bursa Research Center Model in Creating City Memory
Mehmet Esen – Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey

Open Access and the Cultural Heritage Management in Malta
Martin Lochman – University of Malta, Malta

A Different Approach to Library Services Provided by Local Governments: “Never-Ending Library, Endless Library Services and a Sample of Zeytinburnu Municipality Merkezefendi City Library
Selahattin Öztürk – Zeytinburnu Municipality Merkezefendi City Library, Turkey

Evaluation and Closing Ceremony


Social Program
An Ottoman Village: Cumalıkızık